Services To Print

The Printing I­ndustry is our chosen area of expertise. More than 30 years in the forefront of technological advance has provided us with invaluable knowledge and experience in looking after the engineering needs of all sectors of the industry.

• Newspaper Printers
• Commercial Printers
• Print Engineers
• Original Equipment Manufacturers


Our traditional precision engineering skills, coupled with our high-tech facilities have enabled us to build an unrivalled reputation in the printing industry for quality, value and efficiency.


Rilsan Ink Roller Re-covering


Using our unique ‘Unilon’ process, we can refurbish any Rilsan ® covered inking roller back to a “better than new” standard at a much lower cost than OEM replacements.


Ink-metering micrometric rollers


These can be re-covered to the highest standards using our UNILON process (upvc and copper also available). Ideally suited to high speed web offset presses, all the usual features and advantages of UNILON apply. We have developed the Precision Ink Control (P.I.C.) process for application to ink metering rollers. This unique pattern gives maximum ink volume with minimum ink fly while its pattern is less aggressive to its mating roller, thus improving roller longevity. Various OEM’s use this and similar patterns which we can produce, from a simple knurl (single or double cut) through to unequal diamond (Roland) or spiral flutes (K.B.A.).



Printing Cylinder Reclamation


Worn or damaged printing cylinders may be refurbished to original standards using advanced metal deposition techniques, including thermal spraying and electroplating.


Duct Roller Re-grinding and Re-metalling­


We can re-grind duct rollers to the high accuracy required for good ink metering, even on electronic keyless systems. They can also be rebuilt to original diameter in hard, wear-resistant steels or ceramic.









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Matt Chrome Damping Rollers


We can convert or refurbish your steel damping rollers to matt chrome for use in alcohol systems.­

Printing Cylinder Bearers


Hardened steel cylinder bearers are often difficult to obtain, but we can manufacture them complete from alloy steels, fitted and precision ground.


Complete Roller Manufacture


Manufactured to the highest specifications in a range of materials and finishes:


Aluminium > Ceramic > Chrome > Copper > Rilsan ® > Rubber > Stainless Steel > Tungsten Carbide


Other Services to Print


Path Rollers > Anvil Cylinders > Folder Nips > Teflon Rollers > In-feed Rollers > Folder Jaws > Gripper Shafts etc.


Special machine design and manufacture.
Press Unit Manufacture.
Oscillating / McKinley rollers, manufactured and refurbished.
Pattern part manufacture for most machine components.


Our background in precision engineering ensures high quality, consistent standards across our product range, working to extremely close tolerances.










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