HALO A range of thermal spray coatings f­or high pe­rformance engineering surfaces­

Using the latest thermal spraying systems, Unisurf offers­ a total solution to your component wear problems.

HALO thermal spray technology allows high performance functional coatings to be applied to most base materials (metallic & non-metallic) quickly, accurately and inexpensively, whilst leaving the substrate unaffected.

This is a highly effective technique for repairing worn or damaged parts. It significantly improves the surface to enhance performance of new or old components. The results speak for themselves. Extended life and superior performance for your components at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

HALO Thermal Spray Technology

  • HVOF, Plasma, Arc and Flame spray techniques available
  • Coatings include hard steels, nickel or chrome based alloys, tungsten carbide and ceramic
  • Inspection of the entire component to assess condition and analyse wear problems
  • Free appraisal and advice on remedial treatment
  • Precision machining, super-finishing and lapping
  • Priority turnaround for emergency repairs and nationwide collection / delivery­
  • Traction coatings and anti-setoff coatings are a speciality.
  • Applications include gripper bars, folder nip wheels, in-feed rollers, rolling road rollers, crimper rollers & anti-setoff rollers
  • The profiles and textures resulting from the HALO spraying process can provide a wide range of benefits where gripping and traction are required.



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­Benefits include:

• High performance surfaces on lower cost substrates

• Extended life of worn components

• Significant cost savings over buying new

• Higher levels of wear/heat resistance than original surface

• Extended maintenance intervals due to improved component performance

• Strong bonding between surface coating and substrate material

• Faster, more versatile and environmentally friendly than electroplating

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