Thermal Spray Coatings

­Tradi­tional skills ...
Innovative technology

With Unisurf you benefit from over 30 years experience of­ engineering every type of rotating or cylindrical component. Our traditional skills coupled with the very latest in equipment technology bring you total quality from collection right through to final delivery.

Thermal spray materials can be applied to virtually any substrate, metallic or non-metallic, regardless of damage or wear. ‘Leading edge’ industries, such as aerospace and automotive, have benefited from this technology for many years, but the advantages of thermal barrier coatings have largely been denied to many sectors due to the perception that such coatings are out of reach in terms of cost and availability. Only human imagination limits the application of this vast range of superb high performance coatings, to new or refurbished components.

At Unisurf, our mission is to bring improved component performance to a wider audience with ceramic, carbide, cermet and metallic coatings, which provide extremely hard surfaces (up to 72 Rockwell C, 1250 HV). So if you have a problem with

Abrasion > Erosion > Cavitation > Extreme temperatures > Chemical attack > Traction > Lubrication

… we have the solution

… with HALO our unique Thermal Spray system ­(Click here for more info)


• Hard chrome replacement
• Extreme hardness roller facing
• Tungsten carbide anvils
• Wear plates
• Repair of wall bearing seal faces
• Hydraulic rams
• Thermal barrier coatings
• Furnace components
• Printing cylinder surfacing
• Damping roller surfaces (anti-corrosion)
• Copper ink rollers
• Duct rollers in ceramic & hard steels


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